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Hilton Mechanical Contractors, LLC is based in Cumming, GA and performs work throughout the southeast. HMC specializes in industrial pipefitting and mechanical installations.

About Hilton Mechanical Contractors

Hilton Mechanical Contractors, LLC is an industrial pipefitting company based in Cumming, GA. HMC’s founders identified a lack of quality, accountability, and efficient management in the industry and set out to create a company defined by quality, service, and efficiency.

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Unlocking Innovation: Mechanical Design

Design Services Hilton Mechanical Contractors offers top-notch mechanical design solutions for a variety of industries including: Industrial Piping Processing Plants Fabrication Shops HVAC Oil &

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Jobsite Safety

The most important topic in construction today is safety. Hilton Mechanical Contractors is dedicated to the safety of our team as well as those working

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Code Piping

‘Code Piping’ is an industry term that references piping systems that are scrutinized to a piping code usually one of the American Society of Mechanical

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