Code Piping

‘Code Piping’ is an industry term that references piping systems that are scrutinized to a piping code usually one of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or American Petroleum Institute (API) codes. ASME has a wide variety of pipe codes that are used in various industries, API pipe codes are typically used in the oil and gas industry. Piping codes require welders to hold current certifications that meet the specifications of that particular code.

Hilton Mechanical Contractors thrives on code work. We implement extensive documentation practices to meet customer requirements. Our pipefitters and certified pipe welders take pride in their work, they deliver the finest to-spec work in the market. When HMC installs a system our customers can expect the highest quality of craftsmanship and a superior finished product. We also offer the ability to certify our welders on any required process or procedure for your project. Reach out to us to talk about the specifications of your upcoming project and how Hilton Mechanical Contractors can accommodate them while delivering a superior product.